Women Negotiators | The Power (or Not) of Persuasion

RedTracker| The topic of women’s negotiating skills is never far away from the bargaining table. The general consensus is that women aren’t strong in self-promotion and therefore don’t get the plum assignments or equal pay.

Like most issues in life, the answers aren’t black and white. We review recent research pro and con about why women are held back in salary equity.

In a late-breaking update Dr. Yael Itzhaki of Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of management carried out simulations of business negotiations among 554 Israeli and American management students at Ohio State University in New York City and Israel. via The Times of India

“Women are more generous negotiators, better co-operators and are motivated to create win-win situations,” says Yael. We know. And this fact is proven to work against women.

Dr. Itzhaki’s research is also confirmational of current thinking. A more interesting avenue of research that fascinates us is the assertion that men are more ideological and women more pragmatic and solution-oriented. Read on: Women Negotiators Upside|Downside.