Women Journalists Wear Trousers to Court, Delaying Decision in Lubna Ahmed Hussein Case

The decision of a Sudanese judge in charge of Lubna Ahmed Hussein’s trial has postponed his decision to the 4th of August. My sources say that Lubna refused to use her UN immunity in the trial, which she could have done, to save herself the lash.

A large crowd of reporters, journalists and correspondents of TV and Media both local and international convened at the court. There were also civil society organizations and women’s organizations and representatives of the United Nations and foreign consulates and embassies in the Sudan in attendance.

Ordinary Sundanese people who received invitations to the trial were also in attendance.

The start of the trial was delayed for about an hour, due to the pressure of the crowd of journalists who wanted to attend the trial. The authorities opened the doors, allowing people inside.

Many journalist colleagues were women. THEY WORE TROUSERS to court!!!

I need a photo to be sure we get this story into Google images. I have chosen the phrase “The Old Ladies’ Rebellion”, even though Lubna has supporters of every age, men and women.

Today is one small pause in a long fight for women of the world to wear trousers — if they choose.

I’m one ‘old lady’ who isn’t pulling back this time. Please join our fight:

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More later. Anne