'Women in the World' Focuses on Obama Administration Domestic Policy

Senior Adviser to the President Valerie Jarrett just quoted Madeline Albright as saying: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”

The Obama Administration has been criticized for not property communicating its message since assuming office. I was stunned this morning to tune into the livestream of Jarrett’s speech at ‘Women in the World’ and hear NOTHING about global women and Obama Administration ideas about supporting them.

Half the interview was a total domestic political stump speech. The human background stories about the President, Michelle, and Valerie were great. But to launch into an extended discussion of health care, jobs, unfair media reports and the American domestic agenda is inappropriate and most important, derails our focus on helping international women.

I regret recommending the upcoming segment on Twitter this morning and learned nothing from her interview.  Reading the Twitter for the Conference, now the Tea Party folks are leaving anti-Obama comments.

Jarrett just rallied anti-Obama supporters to another issue: NOT supporting international women’s causes, which has always been a big problem with Republicans anyway.

Effective messaging is an ongoing problem in the Obama Administration, and this was another example, in my opinion. Presumably the international audience was pro-Obama and more Democratic, but many of the women are presumably Republicans, given their high-level jobs and corporate affiliations.

The focus should have stayed with the conference agenda, and I’m deeply disappointed that the conference was politiczed. PS, don’t blame any fallout on Republicans. Jarrett and Stahl said” “Come on down.’ 

My mind is completely off message now at thsi conference, which was spectacular until now. Anne