Women in Gulf States Key to Nationalisation

We have a recommended reading Opinion piece in The National Gulf women in the workforce are key to nationalisation. The editorial makes a cogent argument that the Gulf states must put to work a previously underutilised sector of society – their female citizens.

Writers Rory Miller and Mishal al Sabah say that today’s Gulf states women feel much more empowered to decide their own destinies and give voice to their opinions. This reality is expressed in increased political participation in NGOs lobbying on their behalf.

More key points:

- women in the Gulf states are as well educated as men, if not moreso.69 percent of university grads are women, although the comprise only 12 percent of the workforce.

- women in the workplace have reduced fertility and become mothrs later in life.

- in a reversal of the feminisation seen in western workplaces, where women ended up in less well paid jobs, Gulf women are much more likely to enter the workforce at a professional level. via The National