Women Dominate Social Networking Sites; Almost Equal on Mobile Internet Useage

RedTracker| Women rule the social web. Men and women use sites like LinkedIN, YouTube, deviantArt and del.icio.us about equally. From thereon, the social web is a matriarchy with women comprising 55% of the users of flickr, 57% or twitter and facebook users, and 64% of myspace users. For the entire social networking website rundown, read Information Beautiful.

One very interesting difference generally between how men and women are using the web is that the top women websites skew 55% to 68% women users, while the guy sites are 86% to 95% men. The guys hang out at Gizmodo, NBA.com, BusinessWeek and CBS Sports.

The research into gender useage of the Internet isn’t tracking the biggest sites like Google but is focused on social network communities and also mobile devices, where men remain a 53% user majority but the women’s share grew 43% over 2008, while men’s useage of mobile devices grew 26%.

See NielsenWire and Mobile Intelligencer