With Galliano Gone, Perhaps Dior Can Make Some Money

DesignTracker| The fashion divas may be mourning the loss of John Galliano’s irreplaceable creativity at Dior, but Reuters reports that inside the house, some believe Galliano’s firing will dive the house a new opportunity to move away from Galliano’s theatrical style towards a more subtle and refined elegance.

Not only would such a move be better suited to our post-economic crisis global society — which may be in for more rough rides — but it could represent an opportunity for Dior to make some money.

When you take the business perspective that Louis Vuitton is a significantly larger brand with estimated sales of $7.5 billion vs only  $1.14 billion at Dior and — worse yet — the operating margins at Louis Vuitton are 45 percent vs 4.2 percent at Dior, maybe Galliano’s loss isn’t so great for customers and stockholdera alike, even though the fashion divas are mourning. Data vis WSJ.