With a Hung Election, Nick Clegg Moves Into Coalition Talks with David Cameron

GlobeTracker| Britons went to the polls yesterday, delivering an essentially ‘hung election’, the first in about 40 years. The NYT and London Times report the story, from different perspectives.

The Torries have fallen 20 seats short in the House of Commons to command a clear majority. Current Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour party lost more than 80 seats, leaving Liberal Democrat candidate Nick Clegg as the coalition makers in the contest.

The NYT story focuses on Gordon Brown’s attempts to form a new government. The London Times reports that Nick Clegg says it’s the Conservatives who must lead the formation of the new government.

As Mr Clegg’s car - tracked by rolling news channel helicopters - wended its way through Central London to the party’s Cowley Street headquarters, the Prime Minister issued a statement saying that he had authorised the civil service to facilitate coalition talks because no party could now win a majority. via London Times

With the crisis in global financial markets, only exacerbated by yesterday’s plummet of the Dow, all parties in Britain are stressing that the move to organize a new government must move efficiently and with due speed.