Will Women Leverage Growing Economic Power To Change Human Condition?

RedTracker| We sure hope that Maddy Dychtwald is right when she argues in ‘Influence’: “We’re on the brink of a massive power shift, a grinding of the gears of history into a new human condition… It’s a world where women can, if they choose, seize the reins of economic control.”

A comprehensive article in TIME The Rise of the Sheconomy argues the data that supports the reality that ‘women’ are now the third largest economy in the world and expected to increase in size every year.

The article is an excellent read on marketing to women, telling in detail how Midas is learning to market to women.

We believe there’s lots of resistance even in America to a rise of ‘female’ values, however they are defined. The challenge is whether women will mobilize around changes we want to see in our future world, or are we as committed to squabbling as the Republicans and Democrats.