Will ABC Let Christiane Amanpour Be A Real Journalist?

HopeTracker| The Nation asks Will ABC Let Amanpour Be Amanpour? Being big followers of Amanpour-style journalism, we hope so. American media doesn’t need another set of bobbing heads having a same endless, relentless, programmed arguments on Sunday morning.

It’s not a guy thing. Eleanor Clift outshouts any guy on ‘The McLaughlin Group’, making us think we’re watching members of Congress. Reduced to imbeciles ourselves, we shout back at the TV set: “Would you guys shut up and listen to each other?”

ABC News president David Westin spoke the truth when he said, “With Christiane, we have the opportunity to provide our audiences with something different on Sunday mornings.” The program’s executive producer, Ian Cameron, promises, “You will see less of the sort of default talking points-type programming.”  Read on at The Nation.