WikiLeaks Assange Speaks in Brussels, Avoids US

Love | Peace We’re having a ‘what’s going on’ moment today. We’ve got Lady Gaga and General Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone and an interview with WikiLeaks founder and renowned Australian computer hacker Julian Assange in The Daily Beast. Assange spoke in Brussels yesterday at an anti-censorship conference sponsored by European lawmakers.

It was his first in-person appearance at a public event since the disclosure of Bradley Manning’s arrest in Kuwait for downloading countless, confidential, classified diplomatic cables. “I have not been concerned for my safety or the safety of our volunteers,” says Assange. His attempts to pay for a defense lawyer for Manning have been rebuffed by the military.

The Manning story was broken by Wired magazine on June 6, 2010. Assange does plan to stay out of the US and he says that the download of his shocking Pentagon video of the “carnage” of an American airstrike in Afghanistan is coming any day now. Read on at The Daily Beast, who has the insider relationship with Assange.