Wi-Fi Body Scale Tweets Your Diet Success

Love To Eat | Only a total glutton for punishment would by a scale that tweets your weight each time you step on it.

If you commit, for heaven’s sake, don’t be eating a stash of Twitter cupcakes in the back of the fridge, when getting a drink of water at midnight.

Dieters were previously able to upload the results of their WiFi Body Scale weigh in to a webpage or iPhone application. Research confirms that sharing the news is an impetus to stay on course with our diets.

Broadcasting your weight into a supportive group is one approach. Sharing the temporary (of course) results of a decadent Love Potions, foodie weekend with the whole world is another. Tweeting your weight automatically will keep you out of the refrigerator at midnight.

The scales – which are available from online retailers, such as Amazon – use “biometric impedance analysis” to provide what the company claims is a more accurate calculation of the user’s body fat composition. Up to eight people can use a single set of scales, tracking their weight loss through graphs and data which they can access on their iPhone or on their website. via Telegraph UK

If you’re more daring than I am, you can buy the WiFi Body Scale on Amazon. I’ve never seen this scale, and it costs $159, but the WiFi Body Scale has 25 5-star reviews, which is unusual for an item this costly.

Buy the WiFi Body Scale at AmazonPhoto via Flickr’s Bakerella.