Whites Online Less Likely Than Blacks To Date Other Races

RoseTracker| New research from the University of California, Berkeley indicates that when it comes to dating, the Internet is just as segregated as real life. A review of more than 1 million profiles of singles show that whites overwhelmingly wish to date other whites. Blacks, and especially men, are more willing to date other races.

Working with a major online dating site, researchers compared the stated preferences in online profiles of Americans with who the profiled person actually contacted.

“Those who said they were indifferent to the race of a partner were most likely to be young, male and black,” said Gerald Mendelsohn, a UC Berkeley psychologist, professor of graduate studies and lead author of the study, which will soon be submitted for publication.

Overall, he said, “Whites more than blacks, women more than men and old more than young participants stated a preference for a partner of the same race.”

Among those profiles where the individual said they were open to dating other races, 80 percent of whites contacted whites and fewer than 5 percent of them contacted blacks. via Science Daily

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