Whipping a woman for wearing trousers is an affront to Islam

Sarah Joseph’s essay on women in Islam is inspiringly thoughtful. I’ve written Sarah, expressing my gratitude for her beautifully worded essay. I will Google this editor of emel, a British Muslim lifestyle magazine, to see what more we might discover from her ‘pen’.

Quoted via The National Newspaper, Abu Dhabi

First, it was the teddy bear called Mohammed and now it is the woman in trousers called Lubna. Why the Sudanese authorities desire to make the religion of Islam a laughing stock around the world is quite beyond me; but that’s what they are doing.

I recall my travels to Sudan fondly. I have been three times and I remember a people of smiles. I remember the women, too: strong, powerful women. They were leaders who would shake a man’s hand firmly and engage him in conversation. Yet now we are in a place and time where a woman, Lubna Ahmed Hussein, faces 40 lashes for wearing trousers. And she is not the first. Ten women have already been whipped for the same “offence”.

continued at The National Newspaper, Abu Dhabi