While Conan Pets the Bugatti Mouse, I'll Take You on a Top Speed Bugatti Veyron Ride

AnneTracker| I’ve intended for months to finish my story Burning Rubber: Milan to Lugano to Zurich, then Paris. Now I must. Google says the Internet is buzzing over Conan’s Bugatti Veyron Mouse segment last night. It’s cute, but I fear that Conan’s going soft.

Conan O’Brien’s Bugatti Veyron Mouse

removed by NBC

Now this Bugatti Ride is much more like the one I took in a 7-series BMW, Lugano to Zurich, 3 hrs. and 15 minutes … before the police got involved.

Top Gear | James May’s Bugatti Veyron Top Speed Test

The ingredients of part 2 of Burning Rubber: Milan to Lugano to Zurich, then Paris: one hot-blooded Italian chauffeur (check); a 7-series BMW (check); four helicopters; the Swiss police; Swiss Air seat 1A: Zurich to Paris (check); one gutsy platinum blonde (check); and an American passport issued in Paris.

In part 1, I share the foreplay of how I got in yet another fix around the globe and the car ride of my life. In part 2 we get out of it on Saturday.

To all my environmentalists friends. Mea culpa, mea culpa. I am buying a hybrid but I admit to loving fast cars and I do drive a BMW. I also have a BMW film feature of Smarty Pants Madonna as an example of the blond I’m not.

Perhaps the film and my story are verification of this week’s scientific research Blonde women born to be warrior princesses London Times