Where Does the Worker Fit In 21st Century Business Models?

Dots| Business in today’s world is conducted in the face of rapid globalization, accelerating innovation, relentless comptition and the forces of economist Joseph Schumpeter’s “creative destruction”.

A popular video circulating the Internet captures the geometric nature of these trends, noting that it took radio 38 years and television 13 years to reach audiences of 50 million people, while it took the Internet only four years, the iPod three years and Facebook two years to do the same. It’s no surprise that fewer than 100 of the companies in the S&P 500 stock index were around when that index started in 1957. via Wall Street Journal

How profit-seeking businesses and workers, believing they have a deteriorating safety net, function together in a creative, business-building future is a big question mark, one explored in today’s WSJ essay The End of Management.