When It Comes To Burial, What Would Moko Want?

GreenTracker| When a dolphin gets under your skin, as Moko did our AOC dolphin conscience leader and activist David Geoffrey Head, it’s difficult to let go. Living in one of the five towns debating Moko’s burial place and spending a lot of time with the world’s very famous dolphin, it’s understandable that everyone wants Moko close and probably Dave, too.

We defer to my New Zealand friend on most dolphin matters, but perhaps cremation and scattering Moko’s ashes in Hawkes Bay — where five other dolphins are already buried and Moko first spotted — and also Whakatane, Gisborne, Tolaga Bay and Te Kaha best communicates Moko’s main message about love and nurturing, fun and frolic but also helping out when a dolphin assist was required.  

We are very sad by Moko’s passing. The dolphin was a wonderful symbol of hope in a world that regularly slaughters dolphins — advanced consciousness and brain, who cares. Not humans, especially if they are Japanese nationalists.  

I always felt that Moko was trying to tell us something about life and nature, which is how I, too, became under his charming spell. We must carry on, advancing the full meaning of his message. Anne

Read Dave’s and Anne’s story about Moko: New Zealand’s Moko Has Major Dolphin Moxie. 

Moko’s remains were taken to Massey University where the results of his autopsy will be revealed this week. Moko update via NZ Herald.  We will share the medical conclusions around Moko’s death when published. 

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