What Now Madame 'Drill, Baby, Drill" Palin?

bp-gulf-oil-slickGreenTracker| The potentially devastating news that BP’s massive oil spill has now reached the Gulf of Mexico Coast is confirmed.  Minutes ago the NYTimes wrote that it’s not yet known if the oil slick has actually touched land. Officials expect contact any minute. The massive spill — now estimated at five times its original size — is threatening fisheries and wildlife in fragile marshes and islands along the Gulf Coast. Equally important the economic livelihoods of fisherman, tourism, and all inhabitants of the region are threatened.

The awesome scale of the slick is already impinging on President Obama’s announcement of his intentions to reinvigorate oil drilling in an effort to reduce America’s oil dependency.

Searching to see if Sarah Palin — sponsor of the “Drill, Baby, Drill” motto that’s still on car bumperstickers in Florida’s conservative Panhandle region — has made any comments on the Gulf oil spill, we picked up this AP report Gulf spill spells uncertainty for new drilling.

We do expect Sarah Palin to make a statement on the spill. Her leadership in the Tea Party movement demands that she address issues of national importance and not merely make folksy, crowd-mobilizing speeches around America. Guidance, please, Sarah; we expect to hear from you. Anne

bp oil slick hits gulf coastThursday Greenpeace photo of BP oil slick in Gulf of Mexico. Sean Gardner/Greenpeace, via Reuters