What In the World Should America Do With Israel?

Love | Peace Like it or not, today’s NYTimes article Washington Asks What To Do About Israel lays out the critical issues around America’s relationship with Israel. Writer Helene Cooper advances comments made by Anthony H. Cordesman, writing for the Center for Strategic and International Studies Israel as a Strategic Liability?

The situation in American politics is not one of Obama Democrats against the Jews, as both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Liz Cheney frame the argument. Many American Jews agree that in the past decades the problems between Israel and the rest of the Middle East are intractable and agree that it’s correct to ask if Israel doesn’t puts America last, not first.

Talk is cheap, and we’ve heard enough. The region thrives on violence, who has the best god, and that’s the end of it.

Seventy years after the Holocaust, when America failed to rise to the occasion in a disgusting bit of spinelessness, the US still pays the guilt price. Strategically, many of us fail to see how Israel has actually helped us in the Middle East in terms of lessened tensions and saved lives.

Does anyone know of such an article, one that clearly explains exactly how Israel has HELPED America in the Middle East?

Cooper calls out Jeffrey Goldberg’s blog for The Atlantic as a must-read on this topic. He’s formulating an answer to her compliment.  Read also J Street.