What Do Bill Gates & Tavi Have In Common?


Dots| Readers are loving the many changes we’re making at Anne of Carversville, using this central Front Page to launch and track all posts large and small on the website.

I’ve noticed the thumbnail photos making interesting statements about the mix of our content and reader priorities. So does this running Smart Sensuality Front Page newsfeed.(Needs a name, I know.)

Steve Jobs would ‘get it’ when I remark that my Dots blog began this am with a post about Bill Gates worries that health dollars needed (and already pledged in many cases) will now compete with Copenhagen pedges for environmental action. The global aid pot isn’t bottomless.

Minutes later, Bill Gates is followed by an 8th grade fashion blogger Tavi, who is photographed wearing her fashion trademark headgear at the Dior show in Paris. Her photo goes live and viral on Twitpics, making it’s way to Anne of Carversville via my Twitter.

The reality of this real-time movement makes a big statement on the future of branding, marketing and controlling customers.

A thinking person would now write an essay: What Do Bill Gates and Tavi Have In Common? I’m working on it, because the answer is ‘a lot’.

For now, I’m simply amused at the menu of Digital Life, when you just play the cards as they come to you. It could be an artform of some kind sort of like the YouTube music cacophony J’Adore. Anne

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