West Aceh Indonesia Inspects Women on the Road in Trousers

Beyond the Veil| The sharia police are now on the road in Indonesia, giving skirts to women wearing pants in the West Aceh Mulim-dominated district of Indonesia. Huff Po shares a photo a details of our earlier-reported story. 

The Sydney Morning Herald brings a more interesting story about the distribution of 20,000 skirts. 

The regent of West Aceh, Ramli Mansur and advocate of the new law, leans back in his chair in his spacious office. ”What do you think when you see a woman’s round shapes?”

”Obviously, there is a problem with sexy dressing,” Mr Ramli explains. ”We see that rapes take place in big cities where free access is allowed between different sexes. Here the economy is small and we don’t want it to be like that.” via SMH

And now every woman on the road — in a car or on motorbike — is stopped for inspection — because the men of Indonesia can’t deal with “a woman’s round shape.”