Wealthy Arabs Hunt Down Endangered Houbara Bustard Bird

GreenTracker| No Pakistani is allowed to hunt the houbara bustard, a migratory bird facing extinction. According to Dawn.com, the houbara bustard is protected under various international and national and local wildlife conservation agreements.

Arab states hunt endangered houbara bustards anyway.These agreements don’t stop the hunting of houbara bustards under permits issued by the foreign ministry’s Islamabad-based depty chief of protocol Tariq Wazir as follows: six to Dubai and five to Abu Dhabi, seven each to Baharain and Qatar and two to Saudi Arabia.

Initially senior government officials denied that any permits had been issued, after conservationists became suspicious over the arrival of fifteen falcons belonging to a Saudi Arabian dignitary arrived in Pakistan. Falcons are used to hunt the houbara bustards.

Gulf News reported earlier in the month a foiled attempt at Ras Al Darah Border Checkpoint by an Omani national attempting to smuggle Houbara Bustards into the UAE.

Foreign dignitaries given permits to hunt houbara bustard Dawn.com

Rare falcons taken out of country  Dawn.com