We Hope Carine Roitfeld Will Lead the Snake Charmers

RoseTracker: “Will Carine Roitfeld Use Candice Swanepoel For An Angels Shootout in Vogue Paris?

Anne has described the coming battle for women’s rights in America as the Mama Grizzlies against the Snake Charmers. Reflecting deeply on last week’s Victoria’s Secret show, Anne remains firm in her belief that American men should wear the wings, so American women can run fast from the morality police.

We predict America’s battle for women’s bodies is becoming so important that both people and brands may have to choose sides. While we respect the Mama Grizzlies, we are Snake Charmers. 

With Victoria’s Secret playing such an influentia role in how women are portrayed in America, and with buzz that Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld has a top-secret, very sexy fashion editorial about angels in the wings, Anne sends a digital SOS to Paris, asking Roitfeld to stand firm in her leadership of Snake Charmers. Read on in Sensually Yours.