Washington Powerhouse Julianna Smoot Named WH Social Secretary

RedTracker| Julianna Smoot will follow Desiree Rogers as White House social secretary, bringing an equal amount of testosterone to the office.

Smoot’s a Washington insider fundraising juggernaut with major connections and a superb track record for President Obama and the Democratic Party.

A 1989 Smith graduate, Julianna Smoot joined the Office of the United States Trade Representative in February 2009 as the Chief of Staff.  Smoot has already demonstrated her event-organizing abilities, having served as C0-Chair of the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Ms. Smoot pitched a presidential campaign proposal to then-Senator Obama about how to out-fundraise the Clintons and was hired as National Finance Director of the record-breaking money-raising campaign.

Smoot is quoted as saying that President Obama was more methodical and personal in his fundriaisng calls, compared to Senator Charles Schumer, her ‘boss’ when she served as National Finance Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.via Washington Post

Obama’s campaign team believed that Smoot’s blend of Southern charm and brash straight talk could counterbalance Obama’s more ‘languid approach to fundraising’. via Washington Post

Previously, Ms. Smoot served as Senior Advisor to former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and as Finance Director for Senator John Edwards’ race for U.S. Senate. Ms. Smoot has also held positions with Senator Richard Durbin and Senator Chris Dodd. via Smith College

Juliana Smoot was born in North Carolina, daughter of a golf pro. Reports describe her as an avid competitor who likes finishing first.