WaPo Says Pelosi Desires to Smash DC's Old-Boy Network

RedTracker| Speaking with the Catholic News Agency, Rep Bart Stupak defended his acceptance of an executive order on abortion, saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had 222 votes in her pocket to pass health care. Rep Stupak says that he’s been personally thanked by representatives who were able to vote ‘no’.

The speaker has been called the most powerful woman ever in American politics (which is a limited statement, given the fact that we have so few women in American politics). Vince Pzdek, writing for the Washington Post. says that since 1984, when Pelosi ran for the Democratic Party’s national chairmanship and lost, ‘she has been on a mission to smash the old-boy network in Washington’.

“After we pass this bill, being a woman will no longer be a preexisting medical condition,” said Speaker Pelosi on the floor of Congress. From our viewpoint, perhaps women will be more than Rep Stupak called us last Sunday: ‘womb with occupant’.  Read on in Washington Post Why did health-care reform pass? Nany Pelosi was in charge.