Walmart Stocks New Video Game Kidnapping, Slapping Women

RedTracker| Jezebel reports that an upcoming video game allows users to ‘capture’ and slap a woman as part of the game. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox says his company makes no apologies for promoting Duke Nukem Forever, destined for Walmart in mid-June.

In ‘Capture the Babe’ players kidnap a woman and drag her away. If she ‘freaks out’ they then slap her on the ass. Pitchford says they don’t slap her on the face.

A minimum of 1 woman in 4 is the victim of domestic violence in America.

PC Gamer’s Owen Hill says ‘Sorry Randy, I just rejected’. And a petition to Walmart — which we have already signed — says:

If Mr. Pritchford thinks violence against women will boost his bottom line, let’s show him otherwise. Walmart is set to be one of the primary sellers of the Duke Nukem game when it is released on June 14th. Tell this family friendly retailer to refuse to sell the Duke Nukem Forever game until the “babe-slapping mode” is removed.