Wall Street Guys Enjoy A Little S&M Fetish San Francisco Supperclub Style

Body|Beauty|Sexy We’re not thrilled that the New York Times just mixed a story on the annual International Swaps and Derivatives Association conference in San Francisco with news that America’s captains of industry were seen in large numbers at Supperclub, a well-known S&M hangout.

I explain in Sensuality News that Wall Street guys are famously known for liking S&M clubs. Consider it penance for day-trading bad deeds.

You remember that the “Young Eagles” Republicans ran up the fundraisers tab at LA’s club Voyeur, another S&M hangout. A squeaky-clean image, love of porn, S&M — all that stuff goes together. Whatever these guys say, believe the opposite if we’re talking sexual proclivites. Read the details in Sensuality News.