VIZOR Magazine Is Artistically Smashing!

Sveta | Douglas Bizzaro & Elizabeth Moss | ‘Afternoon Delight’ | VIZOR Vol.1 AOC Private Studio

At the risk of sounding overly competitive, I’m thrilled that Anne of Carversville is first to release VIZOR Vol.1’s fashion editorial ‘Afternoon Delight’.

This debut issue of VIZOR, a bi-annual style and culture art-quality magazine represents a growing trend, one we believe is enabled by the Internet, even for a high-quality glossy. Call us VIZOR evangelists, and we’re free.

VIZOR is artist driven — not corporate driven. All concepts and work originate with the artists themselves and are not influenced by advertisers. I asked VIZOR’s editorial director Jordan Sonek to expand this statement, and he was unusually frank in his answer. Read on.

Julia Goncharenko & Daniela Botero | Herring & Herring | VIZOR Vol.1 AOC Private Studio