Vinegar Reduces Body Fat

The London Times reports that supermodels Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum have been known to take a swig of vinegar before a meal. Researchers in Japan determined that mice developed 10 percent less body fat when they were fed a high-fat diet along with vinegar.

The acetic acid in vinegar switches on genes that make certain fat-burning enzymes spring into action, helping to suppress the accumulation of body fat. Read more on health benefits of small amounts of vinegar drinking.

Cider Vinegar: A Libido Booster and Fat Burner?

From Flickr’s ninjapoodles, we have a pickling brew for lemon rinds. This concoction might be a very magical potion, looking at the libido-driven list of aphrodisiacs: apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, lemons, cinnamon, allspice, cloves. Except for the sugar, this reads like an A-list Love Potion. A