Victoria's Secret Should Listen To Wise Women Wearing Ancient Feathers

2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show | Yawn and Ridicule Sensuality News

We sent a double-trouble message to Victoria’s Secret this morning, first doing a post-mortem on publicity around the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is basically the event that wasn’t in cyberspace. The loudest sounds about the show is that there’s weren’t any, and not even complaints.

On Huff Po, VS bombshell Adriana Lima leads the favorite girls poll in her $2 million bra and has no votes. Not one. The show has 15 comments, 1/10th as many as are running on a ‘most hideous Victoria’s Secret outfits story’ which has 10 times as many comments.

Neither front page Huff Po story communicates any brand message but bad news.

‘Oiseau rare’ | Abbey Lee Kershaw | Miguel Reveriego | Numéro 110 Anne of Carversville

Then Anne ran into a pair of Abbey Lee Kershaw wings on an early 2010 Numéro 110 editorial, one that got her revved up about VS all over again. The result is probably the strongest message she’s ever sent to Victoria’s Secret:

Dear Victoria’s Secret | No More ‘I Love You’s| The Birdies Are Circling Sensuality News