Vatican Secrecy Protection Hinges on US Appeals Court Ruling

RedTracker| Vatican attorneys have asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal of an Oregon sex abuse case, in which an American appeals court has refused to grant the Holy Sea its usual status of immunity as a foreign country.

Lawyers in Oregon are arguing that priests around the world are “employees” of the pope for whom he is responsible. To date, it’s nearly impossible to sue the Vatican.

“I want to know what the Vatican knew and when they knew it,” said William McMurry, who is representing alleged abuse victims in the Kentucky case.

Jeff Anderson, who has represented hundreds of victims since the 1980s and is working on the Oregon case, acknowledges that he is determined to penetrate the Vatican’s secretive culture.

“The reason this is such a grave problem in the Catholic Church is because the Vatican operates with such insularity and arrogance,” Anderson said. “They remain legally impenetrable. This is the first foot in that door.” via Washington Post