Vatican "Old Boy's Club" Opposed to Women's Rights

RedTracker| We believe the topic of women and religion was destined to hit the big screen before the Vatican sex scandal. From our perch on the world, the Internet is facilitating a strong connection among thinking people that women’s rights is a global issue and almost our only hope of thwarting the terrorism and bloodshed associated with fundamentalism, terrorism and conservative values.

Almost weekly now, a new voice is willing to utter the words patriarchy and religion in the same breath, with the implicit acknowledgement that women lose out in ultra-conservative societies. Yesterday, NYT columnist Nicholas D. Kristof used both patriarchy and old boys’ club to describe the Vatican.

Last week, Newsweek writer and author Lisa Miller’s headline was Catholics: Time to Break Up the All-Male Club. We sense movement among thinking moderates to pick a driving lane on the subject of religion and women’s rights. All year we’ve written that without reform of religious patriarchies, women’s rights will devolve, and that includes here in America.

A pot is percolating on this topic. It’s time to make a new version of Italian espresso.