Vatican Legal Arguments on Liability Due Soon

RedTracker| Vatican lawyer Jeffrey Lena will soon lay out the Holy Sea’s defense as to why it isn’t liable for any compensation damages to victims of clerical sex abuse.

The lawsuit, led by William McMurry,  requests class-action status on behalf of other alleged victims across the country, claims the Vatican instructed bishops in the U.S. to keep quiet when confronted with evidence or allegations that priests had abused children.

Today’s Wall Street Journal lays out the legal arguments.

As a result, the Vatican — as head of the organization — is responsible for awards in lawsuits, not only the local bishop and church congregation.

At the core of the argument is one similar to the who will pay for the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup. Everyone is sorry but the focus is to escape financial liability. Presently, the congregations and parishoners are ultimately liable for paying the costs of sex abuse crimes. Yet they have no say-so in monitoring the behavior of priests or nuns, who are supposed to be their spiritual leaders.