Vanity Fair Retro Cover Is Not What America Needs

ArtTracker| Does this group of damsels and dolls look like the posse that will lead America out of its economic malaise, restoring it to a place of inspiring vitality? Talk about retro!

We published the cover earlier this week, along with photos of the damsels touching up their manicures. Now the Vanity Fair cover is circulating the Internet as a prime time example of America’s current tea party tendency to bury its head in the sands and pray for a return to the golden years.

If you’re African American, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and any color besides upwardly-mobile Caucasian, the Vanity Fair cover may cause you to shiver. If you’re working class, they actually might inspire you that a job is in your future, the way it was in the olden days.

We choose to stay focused on the Vanity Fair dolls as evidence of America’s reluctance to embrace strong women — the screen star, indy-minded dames of the forties.  Do American women still secretely desire to be rescued by strong men?  Vanity Fair seems to say ‘yes’.  See Anne’s Trend Dots column: Vanity Fair & Dansk | Eve & Lilith.