Vanity Fair Photo Shoot Video| The Return of Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko, the Wall Street marauding son-of-a-bitch returns just in time for this year’s record bonuses. Does Gekko have any words of wisdom for today’s captains of finance and their wannabes? We’re supposed to believe that Gekko will be a good guy. Hmmm … I’m thinking of someone here. OK, this could work. Look, I talk about forgiveness all the time.

Michael Douglas in character as Gordon Gekko outside Federal Hall on Wall StreetJosh Brolin, Oliver Stone, Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, and Carey Mulligan on the set of Wall Street 2 in Lower Manhattan.So Gordon Gekko becomes a Cultural Creative New Capitalism kind of guy. Hope springs eternal.

Vanity Fair shares behind the scene of Annie Leibovitz’s photo shoot of the Gordon Gekko crew. Enjoy. Anne

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