Valisere and Bordelle Lingerie | In Love With Sex Dolls

Kate Moss | Gui Paganini | Valisere Lingerie’s 2010 Silicone Doll

On the same day that we post lusciously beautiful images of Isabelli Fontana and Miranda Kerr looking so fine being naturally-beautiful women, we have our second lingerie editorial this week that’s Photoshopped to death.

The truth is that Anne has nothing against sex dolls. In some cases she believes they are the answer to keeping a marriage out of divorce court, when the woman is the disinterested party in a heterosexual relationship. The industry hasn’t made the same high-quality advances for women, giving us only Kens who look like blowup rubber duckies.

We love the lingerie from both brands. Bordelle practically knocked Anne off her bar stool. We just don’t understand why upscale lingerie brands don’t want to look like Fontana and Kerr, and especially when one of them has Kate Moss in bed.

Bordelle Lingerie | Spring 2011 | Scorching Eroticism!

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