Valentine's Day | Chinese New Year | Make a Choice

RedTracker| Lovers in China were presented with a tough choice this year. Valentine’s Day and the start of Chinese New Year’s came together, forcing choices between family obligations and romance. The overlap hasn’t happened since 1953 and won’t come again until 2048.

In mainland China, one newspaper pitted the clash of dates as one between “the West’s ideal of a paradise for two, and Chinese New Year’s ideal of a reunited family.” This is an interesting idea, but the same argument can be made in the US. Much of my weekend writing and also reading focused on the clash between religion and politics or religion and education.

The thread of concern is the same: as educated couples, both working, become more focused on each other as ‘soulmates’, there’s a perceived realignment of allegiances to state, country, family and religion. V-Day store via WSJ