US Return to Somalia in Limited Role

Love| Peace On the waters off Somalia there were four shootouts with pirates on Friday. The country hasn’t had a functional government since 1991 and the US has been comparatively detached from the area. No more. Today’s NYTimes confirms that the US is supplying crucial assistance to Somalia in an effort to take back the capitol city of Mogadishu, block by block.

The Islamist insurgent group known as Al Shabub is terrorizing an already dehumanized Solamia, in an aggressive act of destabilizing force that’s spilling throughout Africa and especially Yemen.

Gen. Mohamed Gelle Kahiye, the new chief of Somalia’s military, insists that the Americans are only providing support. For now, the NYTimes seems to agree, confirming that Somalia does understand that only its citizens can keep their own country from slipping into total madness. From everything we’ve read and written, crossing the line of no return in Somalia is visible to all parties. Anne Read on U.S. Aiding Somalia in Its Plan to Retake Its Capital via NYTimes

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