US Loses Ground In Global Adult Mortality Statistics

global mortality ratesRedTracker| The rise in America’s mortality rates are gradual but consistent since 1990. Employing a new methodology of studying mortality rates globally and by gender, Dr. Christopher Murray of the University of Washington in Seattle reports that America’s rank in global mortality rates has eroded from 34th in the world in female mortality and 41st in male mortality in 1990 to 49th for women and 45th for men in 2010 — behind Chile, Tunisia, and Albania.

Globally, women’s mortality rates have improved significantly. In the 40 years since 1970, Dr Murray’s group found adult mortality risk fell by 34 percent among women and 19 percent in men globally. Great inequalities exist in the results. Read on at NewsDaily: Iceland has longest-lived men, US Scores Poorly. (Note, we read five recaps of this study in various major media and none emphasized the erosion in America’s mortality rates and our standing worldwide. Some didn’t even mention it. Interesting.)