US House Representative Dave Camp's Aide Aharon Friedman Refuses A Jewish Divorce To Former Wife

RedTracker| Aharon Friedman is headed for Washington, ready to wield the power that accompanies victory. Friedman’s boss Representative Dave Camp of Michigan, will become chairman of the powerful tax-writing committee. Friedman, a 34-year-old tax counsel, has other matters on his mind.

Mr. Friedman, an Orthodox Jews, finds himself in the rare position of being condemned by important rabbis, while about 200 people held a protest outside his Silver Spring, Md. apartment on Dec. 19. The problem is that Mr. Friedman will not give his wife a divorce — or a ‘get’ as it’s called.

Liberated as so many Jewish women are — leaders in fact in government and academia — an Orthodox Jewish woman can’t get a divorce without her husband’s permission, under any circumstances.

Mr. Friedman and his ex-wife Ms Tamar Epstein have been divorced by a civil court in April 2010 and share custody of their daughter. Because Mr. Epstein refuses to give his former wife a get, neither can remarry in the faith. She is considered an agunah, or chained women.

Eventually, she turned to Rabbi Jeremy Stern, Executive Director of The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, who led the Dec. 19th rally on her behalf. Read on at New York Times.