US Girls Reaching Puberty Earlier | Obesity & Environment Are Focus

RoseTracker| Researchers report a jump in the number of US girls reaching puberty earlier. More than 10 percent of white 7-year-old girls had breast develpment in the mid-2000 study, s 5 percent in the early 1990s.

Nearly 25 percent of black girls and 15 percent of Hispanics had entered puberty by age 7, according to the study which appears in the journal Pediatrics.However, the rate of increase is higher among

Researchers aren’t clear what’s driving the earlier onset of puberty, citing probably links to obesity and substances in the environment. An early onset of puberty is already linked to breast and uterine cancers later in life. Other negative factors include poor self-esteem, eating disorders, and depression, as well as cigarette and alcohol use and earlier sexual activity.

Researchers also confirmed a drop in the onset of menstruation and the reality that higher BMI is positively associated with earlier onset of puberty. via CNN