Ursula Abresch's Heart-Achingly Beautiful Photography

Ursula Abresch’s photography is simply stunning! Tumblr is promoting images by members of 1x.com today, which is how I found Ursula’s spectacular photo “the end of another day”. You can send an eCard of this message, if you like.

Ursula Abresch was born in Argentina and grew up in both Buenos Aries, Argentina and Valparaiso, Chile. Today this superb artist, also a mother of five children,  lives in British Colombia, Canada with her husband of 33 years.

“I have been interested in photography since very early in life.  As a little girl, I would walk around with my father’s brownie camera “pretending” I was making pictures. “

Ursula shoots RAW on a Nikon and processes the images on a Mac using PSCS4.

When I work on images, I think about the ephemeral quality of life.  All things pass, too quickly it seems, but here and there we see these sparks of beauty that stop the flow of time and change the ordinary into the extraordinary. These sparks of beauty are what I try to capture with my camera.  At that moment, with the mundane and common becoming heart-achingly beautiful, I want to be pressing down the shutter-release of my camera.I hope that in viewing my pictures you also can feel a little of the beauty all around us.

Ursala’s photos filled my own senses with intensely beautiful thoughts of Carversville. Any artist who uses the terms ‘heart-achingly beautiful’ has found her own dolce vita life. Enjoy more of Ursula’s beautiful photos.