Unlike Sweden, Canada, and India, Half of Americans Don't Have Confidence of Access to Quality Health Care

GlobeTracker| In poll results that confirm our understanding of other global health care surveys, Americans aren’t nearly as confident about access to health care as citizens of countries like Sweden and Canada. Once again, Americans were split 50/50 on the question.

The Ipsos/Reuters online poll found 75 percent of Swedes and nearly 70 percent of Canadians thought it would be fairly easy to get treatment if a relative became ill. The results weren’t consistent among countries with government-sponsored health care. Note: this was not a ‘countries of the world’ survey but rather selected ones.

The survey of 23,000 worldwide conducted between Nov 2009 and Jan 2010 ranked by country:

Sweden (75%), Belgium (70%), Netherlands (68%), Canada (68%), India (64%), France (63%), Australia (62%), UK (55%), Spain (53%), USA (51%), Germany (45%), Italy (38%), China (34%), South Korea (29%), and Japan (15%).

Note: we got the stats from Huff Po and must note that their use of St Vincents Hospital in New York is interesting, because it’s closing in days. Another fatality of the American health care system.