Unilever Unveils Breathtaking, Bold Sustainability Plan

GreenTracker | Unilever unveiled its new 2020 sustainability plan yesterday, and no one can accuse the company of not stepping up to the plate with an ambitious agenda. Unilever is committed to improving the health of 1 billion people, to source all of its agricultural raw materials from sustainable sources and to reduce the environmental impact of all products by 50%, while doubling its revenues.

Dave Lewis, president of Unilever Americas, said: “We cannot choose between growth and sustainability. We have to do both.”

Chief competitior of Unilever Procter & Gamble has implied that it cannot achieve both goals, and it is promising a 50% reduction “per consumer use”.

The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan breaks new ground on many fronts, including taking responsibility for breaking a cycle of poverty in developing countries with initiatives like bringing safe drinking water to 500 million people or supporting 500,000 smallholder farmers in their supply chain. via Reuters