UN Says Women Not Necessary To Monitor Allocation of Climate Change Funds


GreenTracker| France has replaced its appointee to the new UN Climate Change 19-person panel with a woman, the French finance minister, Christine Lagarde.

The UN has long acknolwedged that the world’s poor women are most impacted by climate change, but UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon — after consultation with governments — created a 19-man panel to oversee the allocation of funds to developing countries.

Elizabeth Becker, a member of Oxfam America, and Suzanne Ehlers, president of Population Action International, wrote in a joint blog post on Grist Why are women being left out of climate decision-making.

We find Ban Ki-moon’s actions stunning and will join the fight to see more women on the panel. The balance between industrialized countries and developing ones is said to be fair But not one woman was viewed necessary to provide representation for women’s issues, in spite of the world’s poor track record on investing in women generally and the UN’s track records of giving money to governments who never get it to its most needy beneficiaries.

We have signed this letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to appoint women to the High-Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (Update). Please join us. Anne via NYTimes New UN Climate Group Is All Male

Will Women Have a Defined Voice in a Copenhagen Climate Treaty?

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