UN Climate Change Guru Prepares To Withdraw Major Research Assertion for 'Bad Science'

GreenTracker| The London Times is followed today by other major media in reporting that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will likely withdraw its benchmark 2007 report, anchored by a central claim that climate change will melt most of the Himalayan glaciers by 2035.

Simon Fraser/Science Photo LibraryAs international governments prepare to make major economic decisions to protect the environment, the ‘science’ around global warming is again under attack. At issue:

- the ‘science’ in the UN report was based on a news story in the popular magazine New Scientist, published eight years before the IPCC’s 2007 report.

- the New Scientist reports was based on a short telephone interview with Syed Hasnain, a little-known Indian scientist then based at Jawaharial Nehru University in Delhi.

- Hasnain has since admitted that the claim was ‘speculation’ and not supported by any formal research. Read on World Misled Over Himilayan Glacier Meltdown London Times