Uganda's Draconian Homosexuality Bill Update

HopeTracker| Retired Diocese of Western Uganda Bishop Christopher Senyonjo has thanked people around the world for speaking out against the proposed changes in Ugandan laws that would criminalize homosexuality.

Senyonjo was interviewed June 8 by Diocese of New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson during an hour-long Center for American Progress event held in Washington, D.C. Robinson called Senyonjo “one of my heroes.”

American Evangelicals speaking in Uganda have been a major catalyst in stirring up the anti-gay hatred.

This is hardly America’s proudest moment, as the patriarchal men leading the US Evangelical, morality movement — some having homosexual affairs themselves, hypocritical as that sounds — move through the world, fomenting anti-gay hatred and legislation, turning African peoples against one another. 

Michael Posner, assistant U.S. secretary of state for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, called both Robinson and Senyonjo “tireless and passionate advocates” for human rights.

Posner said that the U.S. State Department is “fully committed to supporting the rights of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered individuals to lead productive and dignified lives free from fear and violence.”

Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton issued a 2010 LGBT Pride Proclamation, Posner said.

 “You need to push us. You need inform us. You need to help guide the debate,” Posner said. “We welcome everything you’re doing. Just keep doing it and do more.”

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