UB Researchers Invent Adult Stem Cells That Do Not Age

RoseTracker| Biomedical researchers have engineered adult stem cells that do not age. The new cell lines — named ‘MSC Universal’ — were created by genetically altering mesenchymal stem cells, which are found in bone marrow and “can differentiate into cell types including bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, and beta-pancreatic islet cells.”

Translated into AOC language, existing mesenchymal stem cells are adaptable and offer a host of possible applications in regenerative medicine, but they age quickly and must be replenished from bone marrow doners, an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, assuming the donors are even available.

These new ‘MSC Universal’ cells can be engineered and nurtured in the laboratory, then used to repair tissue damage by injecting mesenchymal stem cells into skeletal muscle, a less invasive procedure than injecting the cells directly into an organ requiring repair.

The breakthrough discovery gives scientists both a new stem cell line and also a new delivery system for regenerating human organs and tissues.

Our relevant takeaway from this scientific research is that regenerative medicine has taken a giant leap forward with this discovery at the University of Buffalo, led by Techung Lee, PhD. via Science Daily