Tzipi Livni Says She Will Become Israel's Prime Minister

Love | Peace Deborah Solomon decided to close out her NYT interview Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni with a question only insiders would understand: ‘Are you Dying’? Livni answered ‘It’s not part of my plan for now.’ Livni shares her views on the opposition Likud party, Hamas and a two-state solution in the region. 

Livni, 51, says she will be prime minister of Israel. With regard to her own mother hearing her views:

She died two years ago. A few years ago, when I was interviewed on Israeli television, I said I support the idea of two nation-states. I was afraid that my mother was listening and hoped that she didn’t open the TV when I was speaking. But then one day she called me and said: “Listen, Tzipi. I hear you. It gives me pain. But you need to make decisions about the future of Israel. We didn’t establish this state for having just old people living here.” via NYT

In today’s Jerusalem Post, Tzipi Livni is quoted as saying Netanyahu and Barak are destroying the country and she has no intentions of joining their coalition government.