Trinitaris Church Restoration Taps Into Modern Spirituality

The restoration project of Trinitaris Church by Roldan+Berengue Architects leaves the Spanish city of Vic, located close to Barcelona,  with a vibrant cultural and conference center. It’s not clear when the baroque church, dating to 1741 and seriously damaged during the Spanish civil war, ceased functioning as exclusively a spiritual center and began hosting  conferences, concerts and social gatherings. 

The beauty of Roldan+Berengue modern renovation of Trinitaris Church lies in its new grandeur and sophisticated extravagance, all emanating from a newly polished visage. Looking at the gorgeous photos from Yatzer, we think of polished stones and found minerals —  once ugly, now valuable gemstones. In particular, the lighting impacts the appearance of the secular interiors in a new vision of modernism that embraces ancient and historic principles. 

In America, Conservatives would have you believe that only the most God-embracing types want to preserve spiritual qualities from the past. Not true. In creating a secular public space, Trinitaris Church resonates with the godliness in us all. More photos at Yatzer.