Toyota & Taiji | Will Japanese Men Listen to Reason?

Nature| We’ve written extensively about Taiji, Japan and the slaughter of dolphins since last summer. Thrilled to see ‘The Cove’ win the Oscar for best documentary last night, we’ve returned to a main theme today, which is the linkage of International Women’s Rights Day with dolphin slaughter.

Having resisted talk of male violence and bloodletting most of my life — because of my egalitarian views of men and women — I have now embraced this theme as a core vision of human existence. Even though science has established a high consciousness among dolphins and a cerebral cortex more complex than humans’, the men of Taiji argue that they have the right to kill dolphins because of long-standing traditions.

I argue that dolphin slaughter must stop, as a sign of our ability to advance human consciousness in the 21st century. The blood red waters of Taiji are duplicated in senseless male violence around the world. This article links to many I’ve written about dolphin slaughter and we also have precious new video of Moko, our favorite dolphin, sent by Dave in New Zealand. Read on in Nature.

AP has just posted a response to ‘The Cove’ winning, from the people of Taiji, Japan.

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